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I’ve been a writer for a long time. I’ve written poetry, journals, short stories, personal essays, and even started a novel or two.  I’ve been in workshop classes, and I’ve had writing “partners.” We didn’t write together, but critiqued one another. It was awesome to have a reason that you absolutely had to have something written every week. I am not a disciplined writer, and while I write every day, it’s not on the same piece or even on some sort of organized writing most of the time.

One of my writing partners really helped bring it home to me that while I produce, I’m not finishing things. She encouraged me to set goals for myself as a writer and work toward them. I had to think about what those goals really were first.

Here are some of them:

  • Finish all the projects I start.
  • Get a personal essay published.
  • Make some money writing.
  • Finish a novel.
  • Get some poetry published.

And so forth. I have made a tiny bit of money writing this year, and it’s been absolutely thrilling! I accidentally stumbled upon the job by sitting down next to the right person at BlogHer this past summer. I am moderating a book club at one of AOL’s blogs. I love it.

I’ve submitted a couple of pieces in other places, and have multiple projects going. This is my place for showcasing my work–mostly the things that I consider my best work, but perhaps some things I’m working on as well. I welcome comments, maybe even beg for them!


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