Ubiquitous End of the Year Post

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Our calendar seems somewhat arbitrary to me. Who decided that January 1st was going to be the start of the new year? I’m not talking about the historic context. Why January? Why the cold months and not the end of summer? The dying of the summer seems more like a place to end the year to me. Or why not start the year in spring when life is blooming again? 

Regardless, we end a year and begin a new one. The new one inherits last year’s failures in the form of resolutions. The old year is discarded. We take those failures with us, hanging over our heads like storm clouds. 

I reject that practice. I do not want to take the year’s failures with me. I want its successes! I want the triumphs, the happy moments, the random acts of kindness, the celebrations! So each year, I try to sit down and make a list of the things I have accomplished in the past year. 

These are mine, in no particular order:

  • I applied for and received a scholarship to a local writing conference.
  • I participated in the Lexington Poetry Month challenge and wrote almost every day.
  • I wrote my first couple of duet poems ever.
  • I obtained my Oklahoma Teaching Certification.
  • I interviewed for and was offered the job that I wanted.
  • I managed my diabetes well, with my most recent A1C at 5.8.
  • I was able to make it home for my cousin Ryan’s wedding. 
  • I bought a new car.
  • I have a poem in an upcoming poetry anthology.
  • I was able to make the best of a bad situation when I was transferred mid-year and now work at a school I love.
  • I taught many people to knit.
  • I learned to bead Kumihimo-style.
  • I joined a Meetup Group and have become an organizer for them.
  • I am happy at my job, something that was missing last year.
  • I survived not one but two F5 tornadoes.
  • I had a lovely vacation in Arkansas with my parents and my aunt.
  • I met many new friends!
  • I was happy and healthy. 

What were your successes? What triumphs are you taking with you into the new year?


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