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It’s hard to be a writer when you don’t write very often. I write emails and letters, post updates on Facebook, but I don’t work hard at the business of writing. I have the feeling that this is a different iteration of the same blog post I’ve written before, too. I know that I need to make writing a daily practice if I want to be any good at it or accomplish anything. But I don’t.

There is very little in my life that I am consistent about. Every day I eat, sleep, shower. If it were up to me to make my own schedule as opposed to have one imposed on me by my job, those things would be done at different times each day. 

As a writer, I’ve lost my way in the past few months. I moved halfway across the country, give or take. I left my family and my friends. That’s enough to leave anyone floundering. I turned down a job I’d been offered, and ended up with a job that pays much less and has a much lower satisfaction level. I find little inspiring here, in the location or in my life. It means that I have to work even harder to be the writer that I want to be. 

Most writers wear many hats, and that is the case for me. Life feels like it will never be long enough for me to pack in all the things I want to do. It’s a struggle to try to pare down all the interests I have and to choose one thing to focus on. Writing is the hardest of the group, and so it usually falls by the wayside. 

I think the next step is to set some new writing goals. I have to choose whether to participate in the Poem a Day challenge or the Story a Day challenge. Do I seek publication? Where do I seek publication? Do I compile enough poetry for a chapbook and submit to a competition? What is a do-able goal for updating my blog without taking time away from the “real” writing? So many possibilities, so little time! 

Sorry for the bland and nondescript title. When I was signing in, I noticed that I had 49 posts. It’s a milestone to have gotten to 50 posts, as sporadic as they have been!


What this Writer is up to

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There’s not a lot of new content appearing here at my writing blog right now. It’s not because I’m not writing anything. Far from it! Right now, I am working on submitting my work to various audiences and markets. I have two pieces that I plan to submit to Chicken Soup for the Soul. I will be submitting a very short(100 word) love letter to a contest. Also, my local NPR station has called for submissions from female essayists. It’s not a paying market, but I plan to submit to it for the recognition.

I am most excited about submitting to my favorite magazine (The Sun! Read it if you never have–it’s excellent!). The magazine has a section where they publish reader essays on selected topics. Again, not a paying market, but it is one of my dreams/goals to be published in The Sun. My plan is to start small and then work up to an essay, a piece of short fiction, or a poem.

Stay tuned for updates about the results of my submissions. It’s really an exciting time for me as a writer. Of course, I say that now while I am in the upbeat submitting part and not after rejections!

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